Find INFORMATION as to how your clams are GROWN from seed to harvest.




Farming clams starts out at the hatchery where clam larvae are set on fine screens in down-wellers. The young seed is later raised in up-wells, containers which allow algae rich water to be pushed up through the juvenile clams, thereby allowing them to feed continuously and grow rapidly.


Once the clam seed grows to sufficient size, it is then put into mesh bottomed trays which are taken out to nursery rafts in the bay..


Once out on the nursery rafts, stacks of the trays of clams are suspended from the rafts allowing them to grow further without having to raise food in the hatchery to feed them.

photo 2.PNG


Once the clams grow to fingernail size they’re  shipped to the growing areas - in this case, Willapa Bay, Washington. Here they’re planted by sprinkling them over net panels on an incoming tide so that the baby clams then work their way through the mesh of the net into the sand where they’re then protected from predators such as crabs and ducks as they grow.


Once they’ve reached market size they’re dug, graded and bagged, then brought to Penn Cove where they are suspended from wet storage rafts for purging until their orders have been confirmed.