Size: 3" in length

Availability: Year Round

Packed: Packed in 5 lb., 10 lb., and 25 lb. units. Approximately 18-20 mussels per pound.

Description: These great mussels are rope cultured and harvested to order by our crew at Penn Cove Shellfish, LLC, in the certified clean waters of Penn Cove on Whidbey Island and in Quilcene Bay on the Olympic Peninsula, both in Washington State. Our rope culture process enable these mussels which are found growing wild in several bays in Washington and further south in California.where they grow to a 2.5-3 inch harvest size within one year, yet they may also may be grown to a larger size for select markets. They typically spawn in the early winter and are therefore wonderful during the summer months, however we are raising Triploid Mediterranean mussels that prevent the winter time spawning process thereby making them available into the winter as well. The fast growth rate in the nutrient rich waters insures a firm texture with a great flavor, attractive shell and good shelf life, with not a trace of sand or grit.