Size: 3”

Packed: 5dz. And 10dz. Units

Location: Samish River meets the northern Puget Sound

Grow Out: SEAPA basket tide tumbled to perfection 

Flavor Profile: Sheltered within an exquisitely tumbled shell, the meats of the Penn Cove Selects & Samish Pearls evoke all of the greatest characteristics of the Pacific Northwest. A salty-sweet brine offers a taste of the perfect union between the Samish River and the Puget Sound. Only to be followed with distinct seaweed & watermelon notes imparted on its meats by the mineral rich waters Samish Bay. Alternately babied into growth and bullied to perfection by a state of the art SEAPA basket tide tumbling method, the Penn Cove Selects & Samish Pearls are the masterful result of their location and hardworking farmers.

Suggested Use: Sturdy shell makes great for shucking, especially when enjoying the scenery on Whidbey Island