Rack & Bag

Oysters are cultivated in plastic net bags supported above the ground on steel racks so that water can flow completely around the oysters allowing them to feed faster and be protected from crabs and other predators. This method also makes it possible to grow oysters in areas which might otherwise be too muddy to grow them directly on the intertidal grounds. To learn more about Rack & Bag Culture visit



Bags of oysters are turned to prevent the oysters from growing onto the bag or each other and to even out the distribution of oysters within the bag.


Racks with bags of oysters being harvested at Hog Island Oyster Co.

Rack and bag culture of oysters is an improvement of intertidal culture methods over the traditional beach culture method.

Photo Credit Remy Galvan Hale. Courtesy Hog Island Oyster Co. Harvesting Racks_2.jpg

Photo Credit Brenna Schlagenhauf. Courtesy Hog Island Oyster Co. Racks and Hoyster.JPG


Using steel racks placed into the sand or mud bottom, plastic mesh bags filled with small oysters are laid across the tops of the racks where they are surrounded with water when the tide comes in. by elevating the bags of oysters off of the bottom, the oysters are able to feed better and grow faster; the bags also protect the young oysters from predators such as crabs, birds or starfish.