Farm Fresh Manila Clams straight from the beaches of the Puget Sound and the Washington coast! At Penn Cove Shellfish we sell two sizes of Manila Clams: The medium size (1.5"- 1.75") Manila Clams, and Hilton Petite Manila Clams (1.25").These two sizes are the most similar to pasta necks, little necks and top necks for you east coast consumers. Both sizes are great and work well for different preparations (buckets of steamers versus pasta clams versus half shells, etc.)!   We wet store our clams in Penn Cove which purges any sand or grit from them so to always please.. Click on the buttons below to find out more about each type.

Key Benefits of using farmed Manila Clams from Penn Cove Shellfish

  1. The clams are purged of all sand and grit since they’re wet stored in their bags hanging from a shellfish raft floating in Penn Cove until harvested for your order.

  2. The clams are as fresh from the water as is possible since they are wet stored at Penn Cove.

    3. Our Manila Clams are farmed in several areas and are therefore always available.