Sustainably Grown - Hand Packed - Organic Ingredients - Gluten Free - High Omega-3

Smoked Mussel Display.jpg

All Natural Ingredients

•             Penn Cove Mussels

•             Sea Salt: Ancient, All Natural

•             Sugar: Organic Cane Juice, Free Trade

•             Sunflower Oil: Organic, High Oleic

•             Organic Onion & Garlic Powder

•             Citric Acid: Made in the USA

Using our signature Penn Cove Mussels and organic ingredients, our smoked mussels are sustainably grown, harvested, and then maple wood smoked.   These two-portion, easy-open cans are ready for your next gourmet creation.

Perfect for restaurant or home use, these petite size smoked mussels are a delightful accompaniment to pasta dishes, chowders, topped on a crostini or right out of the can.