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Every Wednesday ...

 We evaluate each of our oysters to review the different characteristics, flavor profiles and spawn conditions of the different oysters we carry. Many of our customers use the evaluation sheet to choose which oyster they’d like to order for the week.

Checking the shellfish condition is most important in the summer months as that’s when most oysters spawn. Spawning is the term referring to the reproductive cycle of the oysters, and during that time, oysters tend to become very creamy and bitter in flavor; and it may give them an off smell and shorten their shelf life. If the spawn scale is 4 or 5, you probably want to avoid those until they come back into a better condition later in the summer or early fall.

You should also pay attention to the category labeled Meat Fullness following the summer oyster spawn season; the reason being that the oysters have utilized their fat and sugar stores during the spawn and are very thin and watery and without much flavor until they’ve had a chance to fatten up again.